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Harvey Knoon #1

Harvey is having a difficult time dealing with reality. Seems like memories just aren't what they seemed. Something else might have some kind of influence on him. He's having those weird dreams again. Is it just another psychedelic breakdown or perhaps a force trying to break open his head! 

From the mind of Joseph Demaree - comes a trippy, wild tale! 

The 1st & 2nd Pressing's of 100 Comic Books is on high quality, heavy stock paper. All artwork is hand drawn and painted.

The book ships in a protective cardboard envelope and shipped from San Jose, California USA.

Check out with the Collectors Upgrade and get your copy Signed and bagged with an additional protective cardboard sleeve! 

If you are a comic book store or have interest in bulk pricing over 20 comic books, please send a message through the contact page and we will get back to you.  


Escape Pod Comic Books is located in San Jose CA. 

Harvey Knoon #2 is in the works. 

The original drawings of Harvey Knoon issue #1 and the beginning of issue #2 have been lost in the mail. If found, please contact Josph Demaree at

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